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Expedition to Sipapu-"Grand Canyon's Lost City"

Join Christopher O'Brien, David Hatcher Childress, Clifford Mahooty, Gary David, JC Johnson and Ronald Regehr as we explore this volatile situation where past meets present in a struggle for precious Native American sites verses modern exploitation---- and much more.

Expedition to Sipapu-"Grand Canyon's Lost City"

Ancient Inca Tunnels And Megaliths

Join us! Tour in 2014 to Gobekli Tepe in Turkey with Andrew Collins and Brien Foerster.

Ancient Inca Tunnels And Megaliths With David Hatcher Childress

Tiwanaku Sun Gate With David Childress

The Gateway of the Sun and others located at Pumapunku are all not complete, missing part of a typical recessed frame known as a chambranle and having sockets for clamps present for additions. These architectural examples, as well as the recently discovered Akapana Gate have a unique detail and skill in stone-cutting that reveal a knowledge of descriptive geometry. The regularity of elements suggest be part of a system of proportions.

Tiwanaku Sun gate With David Hatcher Childress

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