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The Enigma of Cranial Deformation

The Enigma of Cranial Deformation by David Hatcher Childress and Brien Foerster

The bizarre yet fascinating subject of cranial deformation has been largely avoided by archeologists, anthropologists and historians.

But why? Most likely because the practice of this very strange procedure by disparate cultures from all around the world—which continues to this day—is easier ignored than explored. Why would diverse peoples—even on remote Pacific islands—take up the practice of binding the heads of their children to create artificially elongated skulls?

Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet

Pirates of the Lost Templar Fleet by David Hatcher Childress

Childress takes us into the fascinating world of maverick sea captains who were Knights Templars and later Scottish Rite Free Masons who battled the Vatican and the Spanish and Italian ships that sailed for the Pope. This lost Templar Fleet was originally based at La Rochelle in southern France but fled to the deep fiords of Scotland.