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Ancient Micronesia and the Lost City of Nan Modal

Ancient Micronesia and the Lost City of Nan Modal

Ancient Micronesia explores the astonishing array of megalithic ruins found in Palau, Guam, Yap, Pohnpei, Kosrae and other islands in Micronesia. Explore the mysterious Latte Stones of the Marianas, the menhirs of Palau, the megalithic canal city of Insaru on Kosrae Island, the giant stone money of Yap and the eighth wonder of the world: Nan Madol on Pohnpei Island.   Intrepid adventurer and author David Hatcher Childress continues his world-wide search for lost cities and ancient mysteries by voyaging to Micronesia where he investigates a sunken city. Discover with David the incredible city of Nan Madol, built into the ocean over an 11-square-mile area of man-made islands and containing over 250 million tons of basalt columns. Local legends insist that the giant blocks of magnetic, crystalline basalt were “magically levitated” into place by the islanders’ mysterious ancestors. With an extensive collection of old drawings, photos and maps, this book brings alive the great empires of the ancient Pacific. Includes a 16-page color photo insert. This limited edition is signed on the title page by David Hatcher Childress.

ANCIENT MICRONESIA THE LOST CITY OF NAN MADOL by David Hatcher Childress. AUTOGRAPHED EDITION. 216 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Bibliography. 

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Meet David...

David Hatcher Childress, known as the real-life Indiana Jones to the many fans of his books, is a captivating speaker and the author or coauthor of over 25 books. He has traveled the world several times over, seeking adventure and the answers to the mysteries of mankind’s past.

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